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Hair & Body Mist

Different scents for every mood and setting
100gr Fill Weight


Signature Scents
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Discover the artisanal touch with our luxurious handcrafted Hair and Body Mist. Meticulously formulated with natural ingredients and a skin-friendly pH balance to nourish and revitalize your hair and skin. Delight in the refreshing aroma while knowing you’re treating yourself to a eco-conscious indulgence. Elevate your self-care routine with our environmentally friendly mist, crafted with care for you and the planet.


Mystique Blend – Weaves together a captivating tapestry of warm, creamy nuances and woody undertones, enveloping you in an aura of enigmatic allure!
Top Notes: Cashmere, Bergamot, Jasmine, Gardenia, Nutmeg, Musk, and Sea Breeze
Middle Notes: Notes of fruit
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Sweet Noir Fusion – Combines dark, indulgent sweetness with mysterious allure, enveloping you in an intoxicating aroma that captives the senses!
Top Notes: Angel Aroma, Bergamot, Exotic Fruits, Praline, Vanilla, and Patchouli
Middle Notes: Brown Sugar, Brazilian Rosewood and Rose
Base Notes: Black Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean and Amber

Grove Serenity – Blend harmonizes zesty citrus notes with the grounding warmth of cedar, creating a serene and uplifting fragrance that soothes the soul!
Top Notes: Citrusy of orange
Middle Notes: Wood and Hints of Resin
Base Notes: Cedar

Caramel Fusion – Melds velvety richness with intoxicating warmth, creating a sensory journey reminiscent of indulgent evenings by the fireplace!
Top Notes: Cashmere, Sweet notes of Bergamot, Jasmine, Gardenia, Nutmeg, Musk, and Sea Breeze.
Middle Notes: Oak, Dried Fruit, and Spices
Base Notes: Whiskey, Caramel

Luxe Musk Fusion – Intertwines creamy sweetness with seductive undertones, enveloping you in a sumptuously indulgent fragrance that exudes sophistication and allure!
Top Notes: Musk, Lemon, Green Leaves, Clove, Lilly of the Valley, Violet, Amber, Oakmoss
Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon
Base Notes: Coconut

Citrus Bliss – This aroma captures the uplifting and refreshing qualities of both red grape and citrus scents, while also conveying a sense of joy and euphoria!
Top Notes: Red Grape, Exotic Fruits, Peach, Jasmin, Violet, and Vanilla
Middle Notes: Raspberry, Blackcurrant
Base Notes: Citrus


Exotic Harmony – Combines the velvety sweetness of Madagascar with the rich, earthy notes of wood, creating a captivating symphony of indulgent warmth and exotic allure!
Top Notes: Sandalwood
Middle Notes: Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Caramel
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber

Sensual Sunburst – Weaves together warm, radiant hues and luscious, juicy undertones, evoking an irresistible allure that bathes the senses in a luminous embrace!
Top Notes: Amber, Rose and Carnation, Lilly of the Valley, Caramel
Middle Notes: Vanilla, Musk
Base Notes: Peach

Savannah Spice – It’s like a journey through the lively markets and wide-open plains of Africa, leaving you feeling optimistic and refreshed!
Top Notes: African spices, Pineapple, Pine, Geranium, Apple
Middle Notes: Wood
Base Notes: Vanilla


Bubble Bliss – Envelops you in a cloud of delicate powder, infusing a sense of comfort and tranquillity reminiscent of a luxurious spa experience!
Top Notes: Bubble Gum
Middle Notes: Talc
Base Notes: Baby Powder

Weight 100 g
Fragrance Notes: All You Need To Know

Fragrance notes refer to the different scents that make up a perfume or fragrance composition. These notes are typically categorised into three main categories: top notes, middle notes (or heart notes), and base notes. Each category offers unique characteristics to the overall scent profile of a fragrance.

1. Top Notes:
. Also known as the opening or head notes
. These are the first scents you smell when you initially apply the fragrance
. Top notes are usually light, fresh, and volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly
. They create the first impression of the fragrance and can include citrus, fruity, herbal, or green notes
. Examples of top notes include bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender and mint

2. Middle Notes (or Heart Notes):
. Middle notes emerge once the top notes begin to fade, typically within 10 to 30 minutes after application
. Also known as the heart or body of the fragrance
. Middle notes from the main body of the fragrance and provide its character and personality
. They are often floral, fruity, or spicy, adding complexity and depth to the scent
. Examples of middle notes include rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, and nutmeg

3. Base Notes:
. Base notes are the final phase of the fragrance, appearing after the middle notes have dissipated, usually 30 minutes to several hours after application.
. They are the longest-lasting and most prominent notes in the fragrance, lingering on the skin for hours
. Base notes are typically rich, warm, and deep, providing stability and depth to the overall scent
. Common base notes include woody, musky, resinous, or balsamic elements
. Examples of base notes include sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, amber, and musk

Together, these fragrance notes work harmoniously to create a multi-dimensional scent experience that evolves over time, with each category contributing its own unique characteristics to the fragrance composition.

Everything You Need to Know About Body Mists

Elor's Natural Body Mists are lightweight, water-based sprays infused with natural ingredients, botanical extracts, and hydrating agents. They offer a refreshing and subtle way to scent the skin while providing additional benefits for both the body and mind. Here's what our natural body mists have to offer:

1. Refreshing Scent: Our Natural Body Mists feature delicate and natural scents derived from aroma oils and botanical extracts. These scents can range from floral and citrusy to woody and herbal, offering a wide variety of options to suit different preferences.

2. Hydration: Our Natural Body Mists contain hydrating ingredients, which help to moisturize and refresh the skin without leaving a greasy residue. These mists are especially beneficial for dry or dehydrated skin, providing a quick boost of hydration throughout the day.

3. Aromatherapy Benefits: Since our Natural Body Mists contain natural aroma oils, they can offer aromatherapy benefits that help to uplift the mood, promote relaxation, or provide an energy boost, depending on the blend of oils used. For example, lavender may help to calm the mind and reduce stress, while citrus like lemon or orange can invigorate and energize.

4. Convenience: Our Natural Body Mists are easy to use and can be sprayed onto the skin anytime, anywhere, for an instant burst of fragrance and hydration. They are lightweight and non-greasy, making them perfect for on-the-go use or as a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.

5. Gentle Formulation: Our Natural Body Mists are free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, they are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and suitable for all skin types.

6. Eco-Friendly: Our sprays are packaged in PET bottles which are 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. It can be recovered and recycled into new products again and again, reducing the amount of resources wasted, making them an environmentally friendly choice for scenting your home. By opting for natural products, you can reduce your environmental footprint and support sustainable practices.

Overall, our Natural Body Mists offer a refreshing and aromatic way to scent the skin while providing hydration and aromatherapy benefits, making them a versatile addition to any beauty and wellness routine.


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